In May 2014, the UK Independence Party did something that no other non-main political party has done in British politics in over 100 years: that is win a national election! We secured the largest share of the vote, resulting in 23 UKIP MEPs being elected to the European Parliament out of a total of 73 for the UK. The West Midlands Region was no exception to our performance nationally. The people of the West Midlands elected three UKIP MEPs. They are: Bill Etheridge, Jill Seymour and James Carver.

Bill Etheridge covers territory that includes Birmingham

Bill Etheridge MEP

In May 2014 Bill won two elections… As well as being elected to the European Parliament for the West Midlands Region, Bill was also elected by the voters of Sedgley to represent them as one of their councillors on Dudley Borough Council. Bill is also the UKIP Defence spokesman.


The Office of Bill Etheridge MEP
Unit 4, 4-7 Victoria Works
Victoria Passage

Telephone: 01902 238 882

Other UKIP West Midlands Region MEPs

Jill Seymour MEP

Jill is the spokesman for Transport.


James Carver MEP

James is the spokesman for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.