Once you have registered to vote, you can apply to vote by post at elections. Postal votes can be sent out to addresses in the UK and abroad.

In Birmingham, if you wish to apply for a postal vote (or change an existing postal vote) requests must be received no later than 5pm eleven working days before polling day.

You can apply for a postal vote by visiting the Elections and voting page of the Birmingham City Council website, where you can download an application form, which you will need to print, complete and sign before returning.

Alternatively, you can visit the About my Vote website, where you can print an application form which you will need to complete, sign and return to the Elections Office.

Advice about postal votes

  • Don’t allow anyone to ‘help’ you complete your postal vote
  • Don’t allow anyone to ‘help’ you post it

Note on fraud/ foul play affecting postal votes

Please take a moment to view the press advert that UKIP took out during the Wythenshawe by-election (click image to enlarge).

In the interest of free and fair elections, don’t hand your postal vote to callers at the door. No such official collection service exists; such callers are probably members of the Labour Party.